Celeb Moms

Celeb Moms Like Me?? Lots probably are….

They get up for 2 am feedings, diaper changes, to clean puke, they cook, they play with their kids, they do all the ‘typical’ MomDuties, they spend time with their cuties, they show them what family and parenting are…..

…Then their are these ladies….

-Kids are exhausting…we all can agree…but I will never forget sitting on my floor, hair going every which way, baby twin boys on my lap….this is when Oprah came on after General Hospital so I’d always catch the first few minutes of her show…anyways I digress… Julia Roberts was on her show that day and she had recently had her twins as well…She was sitting there saying how much of a blessing it is but how exhausting raising twins is…BULLSHIT….I’d be exhausted too if I had nannies, people to clean and cook for me, a guest spot I’m getting paid big-time to do as an escape from my mom duties….To this day I can’t see her on TV without wanting to gag….

-Famous Autism Moms – Yes autism, or any special need can be challenging but they have money for therapy…It would cost me $4,000/a month for ABA therapy for each of my children….that’s $48,000 a year per child  (that insurance doesn’t cover)….That’s chump change to most celebs….

-Then there’s the attention whore mom…not looking in the direction of the Lohans’ or anything….Be happy for your kid, and most of all be a parent to your kid….

-I have to confess I was an Osbourne addict when their show was on, and I’m still loving Sharon on The Talk, but man would it be so much easier to parent if you had nannies to do it….and it’s not just the Osbournes…think Kimora Life In The Fab Lane


-Angelina Jolie’s hubby ratted her out saying she won’t cook more than a bowl of cereal….Man those are some understanding kids….or wait…kids with a cook….I couldn’t even make grilled cheese pre-kids but I had to learn….and quick!

-Brittany Spears appears to at least semi have it together these days but….well I’m just going to stop on this one…no point in picking on an easy target….

-Celebs in general…where are their kids? I’ll admit you see a few shots here and there of some celebs spending time with their kids but it appears, at least in what we see, that their kids are rarely anywhere around them….

At the end of the day we are all still moms….we are all still the doing the best we can within our means  (well most moms…) ….I don’t expect these ladies to feel guilty about what they have, I’d do exactly the same thing in their situation, use every advantage I have available to make my children be the best they can be, and hell if I never had to change a diaper I probably wouldn’t complain,  but I wouldn’t go and tell others I’m just like them, I understand their struggles….

Funny thing is the celeb dads you see seem way more interested in their kids than celeb moms….Snoop coaches his kids football, Bruce Jenner does everything around their house….Mamma Jenner only seems interested in her kids that can bring in $$$….but then again we only see what the media says we see so who knows…..

Coaching the kids

You know that old saying ‘You think you know but you have no idea….’

Cate Blanchett, Son, & Nanny

What a nice mom to give the nanny a break from pushing the stroller....

10 thoughts on “Celeb Moms

  1. I love what you said. If you see me you see my kid. I am without him exactly 9 hours a week. AKA preschool. Otherwise you will even see him in the doorway of my bathroom. So where are their kids??

  2. You know, I could never stand when new celebrity moms went on shows and said how exhsusting everthing was. When I was a new mom, I could have never gotten away to have an adult converstion, let alone one that was scheduled and where I looked fabulous. I saw that Julia Roberts interview and it always stuck in my craw, too. Good list. I hope Snoop Dog is the dad he appears to be. Ellen

  3. Great list… I can’t think of anyone to add, maybe after I write this comment…
    I can’t complain. I have a wonderfully DH who insists that I get a night out each week…

    You know that getting out with their kids is really a photo shoot, right

    • That’s awesome, everyone needs a kid free break every now and then….and it could totally be just what the media shows us…who knows…I might hide out a lot when with my kids just to avoid the cameras as well :)

  4. What an odd observation, but I think you’re right. I can think of more “awesome celeb” dads than moms. I wonder what’s up with that?

    • I’m trying to not be too judgey….maybe it’s just what we see, but it does appear that way doesn’t it….Way to go to the dads though :)

  5. I had to laugh when I read this one, such good points! I hate HATE Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow as well for the simple reason that they do have so many services and advantages they know other women don’t have but still try to say and act like they are just like every other mom and if we don’t have it together, it must be because we are not trying hard enough. Ugh! Anyway, great list!

    • I’m glad I’m not alone…they both irk me….I’m all for taking advantage of every opportunity one has available but if I had nannies, cleaning ladies, everything, I wouldn’t try to tell the average mom I’m just like her….it just pushes my buttons

  6. Great post. I’m wondering if the non attention whore parents don’t try to shield ther children from the cameras. Didn’t Woody Harelson punch out a photographer for trying to get pics of his kids?

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