Making Life Easier

10 Things / People / Services that make my life easier….

(in no particular order)

  1. My phone – it does it all….it’s my bill paying, check cashing, time wasting, movie watching, game playing, music listening to, coupon finding, blog writing, news getting, shopping device with a personal assistant, alarm clock, camera, and phone thrown in, topped off with connectibility to anything and/or anyone anywhere….
  2. Meat scissors – I use them for EVERYTHING!!!! My kiddos only do finger foods for the most part so the scissors are my life saver. Using a knife to chop everything into finger food size bits is a pain in the rear, scissors make meals so much easier…plus I use them to make nightly meds…it’s a genius tip – Check it out – Kiddo Meds Made Easy  
  3. The Refrigerator – We take this for granted every day, or I do at least, but without it life would be a pain!
  4. My Car – Another one I take for granted….there’s no public transportation where I live and everything is so spread out I’d be lost without a car…or rather my mini van
  5. Extended Family – They’re always there when you need them
  6. KitchenAid – I never realized how amazing these were until I tried to use a hand mixer one day after using the KitchenAid for a while…it’s well worth the cost…especially if you happen to find one at a garage sell or get one from a family member….you know I don’t believe in paying full price for ANYTHING! ;)
  7. The Oven – I’m all for grilling out but I can’t imagine having to do it to cook every time I want to eat
  8. Drive-Thrus – As a mom of 3 with special needs getting out of the car to run in and grab dinner, or an RX, or whatever is nearly impossible…I LOVE businesses that have drive-thrus
  9. My Husband – He really is a life saver, or rather my life saver…he does it all :)
  10. Rum – Hey we’re being honest

There you have it….10 Things / People / Services that make MY life easier…

What?! You want more???

Alright….you talked me into it…check out my Sanity Savers – A few things to help any mom survive a rough day ;)

You STILL want more??? You guys are killing me!! lol

Check out Monday Listicles – There are tons of amazingly great lists to check out :)


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27 thoughts on “Making Life Easier

  1. Isn’t the phone so amazing now it’s been re-invented? You’re right – I do EVERYTHING on that phone. It is amazing to think of what I did before when it was just a landline – seems so primitive. (-:

    • I’m lost without my cell phone!! (Literally too….it’s my GPS lol). Sometimes it amazes me how we would leave for hours at time with no cell phone, no way to be reached and it was normal….now I need to be connected ALL the time!

    • I don’t know how I EVER baked without my Kitchen Aid, it is amazing!!
      \_/Cheers!!\_/** I like mine coconut flavored and mixed with OJ ;)

  2. How about getting your rum through the drive thru that you ordered up on your smartphone? Perfection! I love that you included things that we take for granted like refrigerators and car. So true! Ellen

    • Yes!! Why can’t liquor stores have drive-thrus!! I don’t want to be the mom stocking up on her mommy juice with a cart filled with 3 kids…..a drive thru liquor store would be genius! lol….But hey, I’d be happy if liquor stores just stayed open past 9 ;)

  3. mmmm, i do love a good pair of kitchen scissors. it’s amazing what you can cut with them (including myself!). as an added bonus my toddler thinks it’s fascinating to watch me cut food a la carte at the table… sorry, i digress. great list, especially #10!

    • I’d be lost without my kitchen scissors! I cut everything the boys eat into bite size pieces, it saves so much more time than trying to use a knife.


    • I can’t imagine! I know how hard it is just to keep food fresh and cook when camping for a weekend…and that’s with giant ice chests and lighter fluid/matches to start a fire…I’d be lost! I’m way too spoiled lol

    • Isn’t it funny….before I had a cool phone I saw no need for one that did any more than make calls, now I’m addicted…but no phone at all….wow! Part of me is honestly kind of jealous…sometimes I think it would be nice to be completely disconnected (for a few hours at least lol)…the one thing about having a phone is ppl expect to be able to reach you all the time…

    • I got mine from my mom (when she got a new one), who got it at a yard sale…I don’t know how I cooked without it now!

      \_/Cheers!!\_/ to Mojitos :)

    • I’m spoiled by how easy kitchen gadgets make life….our grandmothers must have had killer arm muscles, having to stir/mix everything by hand!! :)

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